Within these pages you'll find all the things I've collected in my efforts to grow my guitar pick collection. Blues, Country, Metal (in all it's forms) are represented in my collection.

I've been collecting guitar picks for a while now. Due to having limited money and time to attend concerts, I have acquired most of my collection by asking (begging) bands through Email or written letters. I've come to find many, many bands who are very, very cool about assisting me in my venture to grow my collection. A few of them even send little extras like CD's (both autographed and not), photos (again autographed and not), patches, stickers, an expired backstage pass (thanks to Jack Frost of Seven Witches for that), a hand signed drumstick (thanks to the guys in Lonewolf for that), I've even received a bottle opener (thanks to the guys in Legion of the Damned for that) .

Once you've had a look around feel free to contact me at cerberus.1975@hotmail.com and let me know what you think.... thanks for stopping by !!!
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